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Since July 2020, MRT-3 has had no breakdowns.

MANILA, Philippines — As a result of the rail line’s substantial restoration, the MRT-3 has had zero unloading incidents or train breakdowns since July 16, 2020.

“By 2020, the MRT-3’s unloading mishaps had dropped to just five. “No unloading problems were reported in the entire year of 2021, a record that the MRT-3 has maintained to this day,” the MRT-3 Facebook post on Tuesday states.

In 2015, there were 417 unloading accidents; in 2016, there were 586; in 2017, there were 463; in 2018, there were 57; and in 2019, there were 28.

“These advances in the rail line’s services were made possible by proper maintenance, including constant testing of the performance of the fully-rehabilitated subsystems of the MRT-3,” it stated.

Unloading mishaps and MRT-3 train malfunctions were widespread prior to the Duterte government.

Rail replacement works have been completed, and train operating speeds have increased, thanks to the significant rehabilitation efforts of its maintenance supplier Sumitomo.

Faster trains meant less waiting time between trains, and the number of trains on the road rose as well.

On June 6, the rail line served a total of 370,276 people, the highest number of passengers served in a single day since it reopened in June 2020.

Since May 25, ridership on the MRT-3 has exceeded 350,000 for nine consecutive weekdays, according to the MRT-3.

“Itay ay resulta ng pagpapatupad ng Libreng Sakay sa MRT-3 at pagpapatakbo ng mas maraming train sets,” the MRT-3 post said.

To date, an average of 14 to 16 three-car train sets and four four-car train sets travel along the MRT-3 main line daily, with a total of 20,082,702 people serviced through the MRT-3s free-riding program.

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