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Delas Alas, Yap has been declared persona non grata by the QC for disrespecting the seal.

MANILA, Philippines — For disrespecting the city’s official seal, the Quezon City government has proclaimed actress Ai Ai Delas Alas and cinematographer Daryl Yap “persona non grata.”

The city government stated in a statement on Tuesday night that the City Council adopted a motion filed by District 4 Councilor Ivy Lagman, alleging that Delas Alas and Yap desecrated the city’s official seal in a video that went popular on social media right before the May 2022 election.

Delas Alas plays the role “Ligaya Delmonte” in the film, which was released on Yap’s Facebook page Vincentiments.

The city’s official triangle seal was prominently featured in the background of the video, which Lagman claimed was an insult because it represents the city.

“The wicked and unscrupulous defacing of Quezon City’s official seal mocked and dishonored it, insulting the magnificent image of the seal,” she stated.

The seal has been the city’s official coat of arms since the Office of the President approved it and the City Council adopted it on Feb. 3, 1997, through Resolution No. 10320, S-1975, according to Lagman.

“The people of Quezon City will not allow anyone to defame Quezon City’s official seal for personal or selfish gain,” Lagman stated.

Yap declared in an interview with SMNI that he is no longer welcome in Quezon City because he is a “persona non grata.”

He, on the other hand, believes that his social media presence in the city would not be restricted.

“When you do a parody, when you do a satire, you don’t entirely delete the one you’re satirizing; hindi mo talaga 100 percent inilalayo para makuha na tao, para ma-gets ng tao,” he explained.

“I absolutely understand the consequences of what I did,” he continued, “but they have the capacity to do that, and I have the power to do things my way, so there are no hard feelings.”

Yap remarked on his personal Facebook page that he will provide an official statement on the “persona non grata” ruling soon.

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