June 17, 2021

What about chicken, fish, or pizza?

For many couples, deciding on a meal may be a difficult task. This is due to the fact that not only are there a variety of choices available, but the couple may also have a number of dietary restrictions to consider. This post will go through some of the problems that come up while choosing a wedding meal, as well as methods for assisting a couple through the process.

The kind of cuisine a couple wants to serve is the first choice they must make when planning their wedding meal. This may include choices like a multi-course sit-down supper, a buffet with one or more entrée items, and hot or cold appetizers. The meal may be professionally catered or cooked in the kitchen by a friend or family member. In addition, there are a variety of beverage choices to select from. There may be an open bar, a cash bar, just non-alcoholic drinks, or a champagne toast. The wedding budget will play a significant role in the process of making these choices. Dinners served at a table with a choice of two or more meals will be more costly than a buffet with one or more entrees. Similarly, buffets are usually more costly than events that just serve appetizers and desserts. When the couple has decided on the kind of meal they can afford, they should also think about the style of reception they want. A multi-course sit-down dinner, for example, will take longer than a buffet line, so if the couple has other plans for the evening, they may want to keep the dinner part of the evening short.

Many couples get preoccupied with food restrictions imposed by close friends or family members. These restrictions may be medically imposed, such as a low-sugar or low-salt diet or the avoidance of foods that cause allergic responses, or they may be personal preferences, such as following a vegetarian or vegan diet due to religious convictions. Religious restrictions may apply to the types of cuisine that visitors are permitted to consume. In general, the couple should not let dietary restrictions influence meal choices unless the bulk of the guests have the same restrictions. If just a few guests have specific dietary requirements, the couple may design a menu based on their personal tastes while also requesting special dishes for the other guests. Most caterers will offer a few additional special dishes for free or for a modest charge.

Finally, couples should remember that this is their wedding day, and they should make choices that will make them happy rather than worrying about pleasing everyone else. Because this is a day they will remember forever, it is critical for the couple to celebrate in the manner that is most significant to them. There will undoubtedly be couples that will not be satisfied until they have the most exquisite meal imaginable, while others will be content with a far more basic menu. It doesn’t matter whether the couple enjoys and cherishes the celebration, whether it’s filet mignon in the most beautiful reception venue or cheeseburgers at a neighborhood restaurant.

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