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The ‘Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan’ has been approved by the PRRD.

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has signed an executive order (EO) approving the Coconut Growers and Industry Development Plan (CFIDP), which aims to improve the country’s coconut farmers’ competitiveness.

Duterte stressed the importance of establishing a plan for the development of the coconut industry in EO 172, which he signed on June 2.

“The Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan must be approved in order to increase overall productivity and income of coconut farmers, alleviate poverty, and achieve the twin objectives of rehabilitating and modernizing the coconut industry in order to achieve social equity,” Duterte wrote in the EO.

The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) and other pertinent government entities are required by EO 172 to execute the CFIDP.

“The CFIDP shall be reviewed periodically to guarantee its effective implementation, taking into account implementing agencies’ absorptive capacity and performance, as well as program outputs and outcomes based on key performance indicators,” the directive stated.

The finances for the CFIDP’s initiatives will come from the Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund, established by Republic Act (RA) 11524 or the Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund Act, as well as implementing agencies’ regular appropriations.

The Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund will be “separate and distinct from the usual money appropriated to the PCA,” according to RA 11524, according to the EO.

“In this context, the PCA, in collaboration with other implementing agencies, should continue to carry out their mandates of implementing programs and initiatives for the growth of the coconut industry, using regular allocations and monies from the Trust Fund,” the directive stated.

According to the EO, the PCA is also tasked with revisiting and updating the CFIDP every five years in conjunction with interested agencies and stakeholders, subject to the President’s approval, to ensure that policies and programs are “responsive to developing industry demands.”

Without the requirement for further permission from the President, the PCA and other implementing agencies may offer guidelines and advisory views, or adopt specific policy recommendations and measures related to the full implementation of the CFIDP.

“However, it is understood that all policies or courses of action to be adopted shall be consistent with RA No. 11524 and the CFIDP, and that they are properly coordinated with and endorsed by the PCA Board,” according to EO 172.

All government departments, agencies, and instrumentalities are directed to provide full help and cooperation to the PCA and other CFIDP implementing agencies in mobilizing the necessary resources for the plan’s execution.

State universities and colleges, government-owned or controlled enterprises, and government financial institutions are all covered by the decree.

The EO also instructs local government units to assist the PCA and other CFIDP implementing bodies.

The PCA is directed under Section 4 of RA 11524 to design the CFIDP, which will implement initiatives for the formation of community-based companies as well as social protection for coconut growers, farm employees, and their families.

Projects focusing on the organization and development of coconut farmers, conducting creative research for the growth of the domestic coconut industry, and integrated processing of coconut and downstream products are also sought as part of the strategy.

After a series of talks with various government agencies, coconut growers, and other stakeholders, the PCA Board adopted and endorsed the proposed CFIDP on February 28.

EO 172, which was published on Wednesday, takes effect immediately after being published in the Official Gazette or a general circulation newspaper.

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