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Marawi is hoping for a rise in tourism and investment following its rehabilitation.

As the post-siege repair and rehabilitation activities in the area are near completion, Marawi City officials are recognizing important tourism and investment opportunities.

The newly opened market, sports stadium, and conference center inside Ground Zero, according to Mayor Majul Gandamra, can create jobs for citizens while also allowing local businesses to develop.

During a live-streamed interview on Tuesday, Gandamra said domestic tourists and investors might see the new development as an opportunity to support the local economy five years after the siege ended.

Even as he promised the security forces in Marawi and the local government are doing their best to ensure prolonged peace and stability, Gandamra said a stable peace and order is critical in persuading investors to come in.

In the meanwhile, the mayor stated that the local government intends to offer incentives to people who invest in the city.

Government assistance, such as the Department of Trade and Industry’s, Department of Social Welfare and Development’s, and Department of Agriculture’s livelihood assistance packages, according to Gandamra, has aided the city’s recovery.

He also mentioned the local and international humanitarian organizations’ efforts at restoration.


Dr. Fedelinda Tawagon, president of Dansalan College, said in a statement Wednesday that some areas, such as public services, hospitals, and schools, require prioritizing.

“We’re limited by the long-delayed installation of a water system, the lack of an access road to our site, and the ostensibly onerous requirements of a building permit,” Tawagon added.

Meanwhile, Gandamra stated that the enactment of Republic Act (RA) 11696, also known as the Marawi Siege Compensation Act of 2022, in April would aid in the recuperation of his displaced constituents.

The mayor expressed his hope that the legislation will be prioritized by the new administration as well.

According to Jalilah Sapiin, a schoolteacher and member of Marawi Reconstruction Conflict Watch, the Marawi Compensation Board, which will be established under RA 11696, the law will be implemented quickly and fairly.

“Those who will make up the Marawi Compensation Board (ideally) will have a strong grasp of Maranao culture and background, and will fight for equality and justice for Marawi siege victims,” Sapiin added.

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