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In the Zambo Peninsula, 24000 trees and mangrove species have been planted.

In honor of World Environment Month, volunteers from all around the Zamboanga Peninsula planted at least 24,000 seedlings of diverse tree and mangrove species on Wednesday.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Zamboanga Peninsula (DENR-9) information officer, Rosevirico Tan, reported 1,500 volunteers participated in DENR’s simultaneous tree planting in 12 locations around the region.

“This action, which includes participation from many governments and business groups, is in honor of World Environment Month and the DENR’s 10th anniversary on June 10,” Tan explained.

The festival, he said, aims to raise awareness that everyone should do their part to safeguard and conserve Mother Earth.

“We all know our world is suffering, and the only way we can join hands to take activities for its conservation and protection is for our folks here on this globe to join hands,” he stated.

“We must defend planet Earth because there is no other planet in the solar system that can support life,” he added.

Residents of the Zamboanga Peninsula, according to Tan, are still fortunate because the peninsula is rich in natural resources.

Region-9, according to Tan, contains the most established protected areas in the country, with 12 in total, and “these places demonstrate great bio-diversity content as well as aesthetic value.”

Tan, on the other hand, believes that a concerted effort is needed to conserve places threatened by land conversion, deforestation, and climate change.

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