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Bent Pixels Asia Expands Philippines Offerings Through Partnership with Tier One Entertainment

  • Creators will also have access to tools and support to sustainably grow and develop monetisation channels and strategies

L-R: Adrian Go, Creator Partnerships Manager Bent Pixels Philippines; Tryke Gutierrez, CEO and Co-Founder of Tier One Entertainment;  Alodia Gosiengfiao, Tier One Co-Founder and gaming superstar; Erwin Razon, General Manager of Bent Pixels Philippines and Jel Directo, Country Manager for PGAG & Hepmil Creators’ Network Philippines

Philippines, 9 June 2022– Bent Pixels Asia (BPA), the region’s leading revenue accelerator for premium YouTube esports and gaming creators, announced that it has entered a partnership with Tier One Entertainment, the Philippines’ leading gaming and esports entertainment talent and entertainment company, to help the latter’s creators accelerate their revenue from YouTube reserved media offerings, as well as grow their capabilities as creators in producing quality content to engage their audiences. 

The partnership will also officially mark the expansion of BPA in the Philippines, home to over 43 million active gamers with 74% spending more than an hour on online gaming per day. This will bring its total network of premium gaming and esports YouTube creators to over 400 from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, US, and European markets, enabling advertisers to potentially reach over 300 million subscribers. BPA is part of Hepmil Media Group, a leading technology-driven media network, which also owns PGAG, the country’s leading comedy content platform.

Through the partnership with BPA, Tier One Entertainment’s creators will be offered to advertisers as part of YouTube Reserved Media deals, which offers brands to secure sought-after ad spaces instead of via auction. Creators can potentially unlock opportunities to uplift their YouTube revenue via access to branded content deals and access to premium tools. 

BPA will also offer creator development programs for Tier One Entertainment’s talents who have YouTube channels to help them grow their reach and subscribers base, by offering workshops, best practices, and tools that will help creators strategize, analyze and execute compelling video content.  It will also provide creators troubleshooting support for issues faced by Tier One Entertainment’s creators on their respective YouTube channels.

Home to leading esports and gaming personalities including Tier One Co-Founder Alodia Gosiengfiao, and Blacklist International superstars  OhMyV33nus, and Wise Gaming, Tier One Entertainment currently has more than 800 creators with hundreds of millions of combined followers across multiple streaming and social media platforms. In 2021, the company expanded to Japan through a partnership, and its esports label, Blacklist International, has won several professional league games, putting the team among one of the best in Southeast Asia. 

Erwin Razon, General Manager of Bent Pixels Philippines said: “Tier One Entertainment embodies the same values as Bent Pixels Asia – we enable creators with opportunities to earn higher revenues to help creators achieve their content creation goals. We are excited to work with Tier One is providing creators with accelerated revenue programs and content development tools, and bridge them with advertisers who are seeking brand-safe and premium advertising inventory in gaming and esports through our Reserved Media offerings on YouTube. ”

Tryke Gutierrez, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tier One Entertainment said: “We are excited to be partnering with the Hepmil Media Group and Bent Pixels Asia to give more creators the opportunity to turn their dreams into careers. We’ve been saying for years – since Tier One was founded, one of our main goals is to open doors for aspiring creators, for gamers with big dreams, and we strongly believe that our partnership with Bent Pixels Asia is going to help us fulfill that goal.”

To mark the start of the partnership, BPA and Tier One Entertainment held a creators night on 8 June hosting over 100 esports and gaming creators to share more about the partnership and what creators can expect in terms of capabilities building and expansion of reach through reserved media offerings.

Content creators under Bent Pixels Asia and Tier One Entertainment

BPA is a joint venture launched in 2021 between Bent Pixels and Hepmil Media Group, Southeast Asia’s leading technology-driven media network aimed at empowering creators, digital talent agencies as well as esports organizations in the region to operate efficiently and scale their earnings, especially on YouTube. Other brands under the Group include PGAG and Hepmil Creators’ Network among others.

In Southeast Asia, BPA has also partnered with prominent gaming content creators, including Dyland PROS (15.4 million subscribers), HecaTroll (1.51 million subscribers), EVOS LJ (1.11 million subscribers) as well as variety gaming creators such as Kristian PH (3.1 million subscribers), and King FB (418k subscribers).

For the latest news: https://www.adobomagazine.com/featured/game-on-chatting-with-erwin-razon-general-manager-at-bent-pixels-asia/

For more information about Bent Pixels Asia, visit https://www.bentpixels.asia/

For more information about Tier One Entertainment, visit https://tier.one/



BENT PIXELS ASIA (BPA) is a joint venture between Bent Pixels & Hepmil Media Group to empower creators, digital gaming talent agencies, and esports organizations in Asia to efficiently operate and scale their earnings on YouTube. As a revenue accelerator for creators, Bent Pixels Asia connects premium creators with brands to produce and distribute video content at scale through branded campaigns and YouTube reserve media campaigns.

Bent Pixels Asia is also a part of HEPMIL Media Group, a network of technology-driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions in Southeast Asia through content that engages and entertains. HEPMIL is the home of popular social media brands such as SGAG, PGAG, and MGAG, as well as the Tiktok creator network, Hepmil Creators Network.

BPA was launched in 2021 to provide business for YouTube creators in SEA, leveraging its technology to serve direct-sold ads to premium gaming and esports channels, and accelerating the revenue growth for the creators. For brands, BPA provides 100% brand-safe inventory targeted to premium content and quality channels, which generate better campaign results.

BPA’s network includes more than 200 gaming and esports YouTube creators from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, US, and Europe markets, boasting over 490M subscribers, generating more than 3B monthly views globally. In the Philippines, BPA is partnered with prominent Mobile Legends content creators, including ChooxTV (6.26M subscribers), OhMyV33nus (575k subscribers), and Wise Gaming (380k subscribers), as well as a variety of gaming creators such as Kristian PH (3.1M subscribers), and King FB (416k subscribers).

Learn more about BPA and our creators at www.bentpixels.asia



Hepmil Media Group is a regional, technology-driven, media company that runs popular digital content platforms such as SGAG, MGAG, PGAG, digital creator agency Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN), and revenue accelerator for premium YouTube esports and gaming creators Bent Pixels Asia (BPA). The group’s original content arm produces content that reaches over 30 million Gen Zs & millennials across the region weekly, while its creator network partners with over 500 of the region’s top digital content creators who generate over 3 billion monthly views.

Hepmil Media Group has offices located in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Manila with over 100 employees across the four countries. For more information, visit https://www.hepmil.com/


Tier One Entertainment is a gaming entertainment company that operates at the intersection of media properties, esports, and creators. We are currently operating in 5 counties across Asia and continuously looking to expand further, aiming to be the most influential gaming lifestyle brand in the world.

Tier One was founded at the height of the Millennial Exodus from traditional media. In order to bridge the gap between gaming culture and mainstream, and redefine what it means to be a gamer, we formed both a team of professionals and a roster of talents that revolutionized the gaming industry in Southeast Asia.

Since our inception in 2017, Tier One has single-handedly ushered in the streamer boom in the Philippines, and made similarly significant impacts in our satellite territories. By signing, developing, managing, and promoting the country’s most promising young content creators, Tier One created a coveted business model that other companies scrambled to replicate in recent years.

Since then, we’ve amassed over 800 content creators with hundreds of millions of combined followers across multiple streaming and social media platforms, and our Blacklist International teams have won multiple world championships.

It’s this track record of innovation and excellence in the gaming and esports industry that has garnered us the distinction of being called a unicorn startup by some of our investors, which include Bitkraft, Atlas Ventures, Gobi Partners, and Warner Music Group among others.

For the latest Tier One Entertainment news and activities, please follow us on:





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