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The goal of Antique is to restore vegetation in tourist areas.

The provincial government of Antique has urged residents to maintain existing forests and regreen desolate terrain by planting trees.

The call came as the province celebrated Environment Month on Wednesday by planting endemic tree seedlings in tourist areas throughout Antique.

Vice Governor Edgar Denosta, who participated in the tree-planting activity in San Remigio’s Barangay Osorio 2, said that once the trees grow, they will improve the area’s vegetation, making it more appealing to tourists and ensuring food sustainability, especially if the trees are fruit-bearing species.

“We need to protect current forest space and put additional trees on it,” says the author. We could also be confident that we would have something to harvest if we planted trees,” he remarked during a short program.

Because of the rain, the months of June to September are ideal for growing fruit-bearing and timber trees.

Ruth Martinez, the San Remigio municipal environment and natural resources officer, thanked the various government agencies for their participation, adding that the unoccupied sections in the 150-hectare National Greening Program (NGP) site were replanted with their assistance.

In the same show, she remarked, “We need to protect our indigenous trees while also replanting areas that are vacant.”

As part of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) observance of Environment Month, the province of Antique took part in a nationwide tree-planting event.

Participating national government agencies, including the Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine National Red Cross, Philippine Coast Guard, National Irrigation Administration, Philippine Red Cross, and members of the media, planted a total of 400 seedlings of endemic species such as narra, kamagong, and Palawan cherry.

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