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The number of followers and engagements that vloggers have on social media will be taken into account.

MANILA, Philippines — Vloggers with a large social media following and engagement may be granted entry to Malacanang events, according to Press Secretary-designate Beatrix Rose “Trixie” Cruz-Angeles.

This comes after the new administration of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), directed by Cruz-Angeles, said that social media interactions and followers would be used as a foundation for vlogger accreditation at Malacanang.

“So, ngayon ang kinu-consider namin, both following and engagement, kasi magkaiba po iyan (today, we’re thinking about both following and engagement, because they’re different). You may have a large following, but few people respond to your postings “In an interview with ABS-TeleRadyo, CBN’s she stated.

During the conversation, Cruz-Angeles emphasized the importance of social media influencers’ close relationships with their followers.

She stated the incoming PCOO leadership is looking into vloggers’ abilities to engage social media users in various country-related topics.

“Right now, tinitignan din po namin ‘yung (we’re also looking at) engagement kasi (since) engagement truly means people are responding to what you’ve written or displayed in the case of vloggers,” Cruz-Angeles explained.

For the time being, Cruz-Angeles and her communications staff are examining the PCOO’s current stance on vlogger certification for Palace coverage.

She also stated that they are evaluating whether now is the “perfect time” for qualified social media celebrities to cover Malacanang.

“We’ll see if they’ll be regular like the Malacanang Press Corps, or if they’ll merely be allowed to cover events, or if we construct events for them,” Cruz-Angeles added.

Outgoing PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar, Cruz-Angeles’ predecessor, issued Department Order (DO) 15 on August 8, 2017, establishing a provisional social media practitioner accreditation system managed by the PCOO’s Social Media Office.

Only Filipino social media practitioners who are at least 18 years old and have at least 5,000 followers on any social media platform are eligible for accreditation under DO 15.

Cruz-Angeles, who worked at the PCOO as a social media strategist from July 2017 to 2018, was instrumental in developing the vlogger accreditation criteria.

In contrast to journalistic accreditation,

When asked if the vlogger accreditation will be different from that granted to journalists covering the Palace, Cruz-Angeles said: “I believe there will be at first. But, as I previously stated, it is still subject to review.”

Cruz-Angeles stated that journalists and vloggers covering Malacaang will be treated “much” differently.

“There are some important variations that we should take into account. Nonetheless, kailangan germane ‘yung disagreements na ‘yun. Ibig sabihin, kung nagawa ng policy, ‘yung pagdi-distinguish namin doon sa dalawang group ay naayon (differences must be germane). In other words, the distinctions we make when crafting a policy should be suitable) “he stated

The inauguration will be covered.

Meanwhile, Cruz-Angeles stated that permitting vloggers to cover President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s inauguration on June 30 will be explored.

She did point out, however, that no requests for coverage of Marcos’ inauguration have yet been received from social media personalities.

“Again, there is no existing policy, so we’ll have a discussion about it. We’re apparently going to have a discussion every time someone applies that isn’t through traditional media “According to Cruz-Angeles.

Cruz-Angeles also recognized that he would need to get approval from the Presidential Security Group beforehand.

On June 30, Marcos is due to take the oath of office as the Philippines’ 17th president at the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila.

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