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Carlos is “more than competent” to be a national security adviser, according to the labor organization.

MANILA, Philippines — On Friday, a labor union-backed the choice of Dr. Clarita Carlos as National Security Adviser (NSA) in President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s government.

“Dr. Clarita Carlos’ nomination as National Security Adviser (NSA) is a positive development. We like it the best since Dr. Carlos is the first woman to be appointed to the National Security Agency. Sonny Matula, head of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), said in a statement that she is “more than qualified for the post of NSA.”

Due to her impressive credentials, Matula believes Carlos will be an excellent addition to Marcos’ Cabinet.

“As a woman and former University of the Philippines political science professor, she will provide a female, civilian, and intellectual viewpoint to our national security agenda.” She will play a crucial role as the director-general of the National Security Council as the first woman NSA. Carlos was the first female president of the Philippine National Defense College, he said.

“With her at the helm of the NSC, red-tagging will be reduced, if not abolished,” Matula hopes.

“She is an excellent choice since she is familiar with the Philippine social movement, both left and right, extremists and moderates,” he said.

In a meeting with Marcos on Wednesday, Carlos accepted the nomination for the position.

She wrote books and papers on a variety of topics, including political parties, elections, defense and security, and foreign policy.

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