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A war fight drill between Philippine and US forces provides ‘deterrence alternatives.’

MANILA, Philippines — The ongoing Multi-Domain Warfighting Exchange between the Philippine Army (PA) and the US Army Pacific (USARPAC) would equip battle commanders with deterrence alternatives in addition to giving Filipino troops with knowledge of cutting-edge military technologies and procedures.

Brig. Gen. James P. Isenhower III, commander of USARPAC’s 1st Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF), said this while visiting the ongoing Multi-Domain Warfighting Exchange between Filipino and American forces at Fort Bonifacio on June 11.

The MDTF is a “new, networked, maneuver theater assets, focused on opponent anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) networks,” according to an American military official.

“MDTF capabilities also give combatant commanders with deterrence alternatives,” the Philippine Army (PA) stated in a statement on Sunday.

The two militaries started the nearly three-week practice on May 31 at Fort Bonifacio, as previously reported.

Military technologies such as the high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS), multi-domain operations (MDO), and high-altitude balloons are addressed in the bilateral activity, as well as cyber and electronic warfare, ISR integration, and MDO warfighting exchange.

The MDTF subject matter expert exchange (SMEE) will be split into two parts: the Philippine Army Senior Leaders’ Orientation Seminar at Fort Bonifacio and the SMEE itself at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija.

The bilateral exercise, according to PA chief Lt. Gen. Romeo S. Brawner Jr., will help PA soldiers develop understanding of cutting-edge military technologies and procedures.

Upgrades to soldiers’ individual skills and unit capabilities, according to Brawner, will help the PA achieve its aim of being a world-class organization in the coming years.

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