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The BRP Antonio Luna, which is en route to Hawaii, has arrived at Guam for resupply.

MANILA, Philippines – The missile-frigate BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151) arrived in Guam on Sunday for its first layover and resupply before heading to Hawaii for the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercise, which will take place from June 29 to August 4.

In a statement on Monday, the ship’s Facebook page read, “BRP Antonio Luna arrived(d) in Guam yesterday, 12 June 2022, just in time for Independence Day.”

The ship had docked at Naval Base Guam, according to the report.

Last June 8, the ship and its crew, as well as Naval Task Group NTG (NTG 80.5), departed Naval Operating Base Subic.

On Sunday, three rituals aboard the ship were organized to commemorate the ship’s safe arrival and the Philippines’ 124th Independence Day.

The pinning of ranks for newly promoted soldiers, the granting of the Surface Warfare Operations Badge to selected officers, and the turnover of the operations officer job at BRP Antonio Luna are among them.

“The promotees and freshly awarded Surface Warfare Officers were congratulated by Capt. (Charles) Villanueva, commanding officer of FF-151 and commander of NTG 80.5. He also congratulated Commander Robles, the ship’s leaving operations officer, for his services as a member of the ship’s first-ever command team. In addition, Capt. Villanueva welcomed the new operations officer, Lt. Commander Luza, who would lead FF-151’s operations department during the next exercise “the addition of the post

The BRP Antonio Luna will stop in Guam to refuel before continuing on to Hawaii for RIMPAC 2022, the world’s largest naval exercise.

RIMPAC is a biennial conference that aims to enhance regional stability in the Pacific.

Around 25,000 troops from 26 countries are expected to take part in the 28th RIMPAC exercise, which began in 1971.

NTG 80.5 will help establish, sustain, and expand the Navy’s pursuit of maritime partnership with its counterparts, according to Navy spokesperson Commander Benjo Negranza.

RIMPAC 2022, themed “Capable, Adaptive, Partners,” will be the PN’s third participation in the world’s largest and most prestigious maritime exercise, following its debut in 2018 and sophomore run in 2020.

The Navy sent the offshore patrol vessel BRP Andres Bonifacio (PS-17) and the landing pier BRP Davao Del Sur to RIMPAC 2018. (LD-602). The Philippines sent the BRP Jose Rizal, the country’s first missile frigate, to the maritime exercise in 2020. (FF-150).

Anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, and electronic warfare activities are all possible with the BRP Jose Rizal and BRP Antonio Luna.

The two ships cost PHP16 billion to build, with an additional PHP2 billion spent on weapon systems and munitions.

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