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Senator advocates for the use of organic fertilizer to increase crop yields.

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Cynthia Villar remarked on Monday that composting and using organic fertilizers are superior agriculture practices for soil protection.

Bad practices, according to Villar, deplete nutrients in the soil, resulting in at least a 38-percent degradation.

Villar stressed the importance of producing organic fertilizer from agricultural residues such as rice straw, corn stover, and animal manure, among others, to replace inorganic, synthetic, or chemical fertilizers in a video message delivered during the Bureau of Soils and Waste Management’s (BSWM) 71st anniversary.

She stated that it is critical to take care of the soil in order to have a productive harvest and reduce hunger and food insecurity in the country.

Villar, chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Food, addressed the BSWM, “You are one with us in vigorously supporting organic farming practices, notably creating organic fertilizer.”

Biodegradable products, such as kitchen and garden garbage, can be turned into usable objects, according to Villar, who also stressed the importance of having facilities for them near farms, trading posts, and markets.

According to the senator, she has advocated for the development of 117 composting facilities across the country, with 67 of them in her hometown of Las Pinas.

Villar stated that Republic Act 10068, often known as the Organic Agriculture Act, was signed into law in 2010.

“I have to remind myself of the BSWM on a regular basis because it is critical that we provide biodegradable waste composting facilities to our farmers and local governments around the country. I’m hoping you’ll do this, especially since that chemical fertilizers are so expensive “she stated

At the same event, Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William Dar stated that good soil is the primary source of food production, and that ensuring the long-term management of soil and water resources is vital.

With the rise in agricultural input prices, Dar said the DA is advocating for a balanced fertilization approach, which includes the use of chemical, organic, and biofertilizers in combination.

“If not adequately addressed, this [food crisis] may happen right here in our backyard.” But we still have time to ensure that we do not end up in this predicament in the country, which is why we have put in place a balanced fertilization strategy,” Dar said.

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