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Residents in Quezon City have been advised to complete their vaccinations due to an increase in Covid-19 infections.

MANILA, Philippines — Despite the spike in new cases, the Quezon City authorities recommended citizens who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) do so as soon as possible.

Vaccines, according to Dr. Malu Eleria of the QC Task Force Vax to Normal, are the best defense against deadly diseases.

She urged individuals who are already qualified for booster shots to take advantage of the shots because turnout is still low.

“To all QCitizens, we advise all adults who have been vaccinated with two doses to obtain their booster shots, as well as those who have been vaccinated with the first booster to have the second booster.” Both shots were taken four months apart. “We can’t afford to be complacent because immunity fades with time,” she wrote in a text message.

The local administration has vaccinated 887,630 people with the first booster injection and 47,538 people with the second booster shot, according to data as of Saturday.

Only health-care workers, the elderly, and immunocompromised persons are currently eligible for a second booster dose.

In the city, a total of 2,475,433 people have been properly immunized.

The local authorities increased the Covid-19 early warning level to “yellow” status on Saturday after recording an average of 26 instances per day over the previous week, with the average positive rate more than doubling to 3.10 percent from 1.50 percent between May 27 and June 2.

The municipal government noted, however, that QC remained a low risk, and that the “yellow” designation is simply a signal to strengthen monitoring when instances are found growing from the previous week and three of four indications have gone from normal to above normal. Within the next 14 days, there’s also a chance of a surge.

The local government has 188 ongoing Covid-19 cases as of June 11, up from 123 on June 4.

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