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Tastemade and Pinterest Form a New Content Partnership to Promote Pin Product Listings

Pinterest has announced a new strategic partnership with lifestyle content platform Tastemade, as part of its ongoing effort to expand its network of creators and provide more exposure opportunities for listed products. Pinterest and Tastemade will collaborate on new scripted shows, live-stream programming, and in-person events around the world.

According to Pinterest:

“Today, we’re launching a multi-million dollar, first-of-its-kind worldwide strategic relationship between Pinterest and Tastemade, targeted at boosting creators, content series, and live streaming on Pinterest.” The multi-year, multi-territory cooperation kicks off right away, with initial programs set to debut later this year across the United States, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.”

Tastemade, which has specialized production studios all over the world, develops video content for over 300 million monthly active users who consume over 700 million minutes of footage on the platform.

Pinterest creators will now be able to tap into that network through collaboration across the two platforms on new productions, activations, and more across many geographies.

According to Pinterest, the agreement will result in the creation of 50 new Tastemade episodes, which will premiere exclusively on Pinterest and feature Pinterest products and creators via shoppable links and notifications. Tastemade will organize a series of in-person creator events at their studios across the world, including in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Jakarta, Mumbai, So Paulo, and Buenos Aires, as part of the arrangement, which will offer ‘hundreds of hours of new live programming for Pinterest TV.

The collaboration between the two platforms makes a lot of sense, and it will help Pinterest expand its offers to a far larger audience, resulting in increased purchasing activity.

Pinterest claims that Tastemade already produces some of the most inspirational content on the platform, with Tastemade Pins generating 200 percent more saves than the average Pin – and that with more video content being shared exclusively on the app, more viewers will enter the Pinterest ecosystem, potentially benefiting many Pin creators.

It’s essentially a cross-promotional partnership, connecting Tastemade’s team’s creativity with Pinterest’s ever-growing library of product Pins.

It may be a hugely beneficial arrangement for both platforms, and it’s interesting to see a social media app (or, at the very least, a former social media app) develop a direct and continuous content partnership in this fashion. It’s comparable to YouTube working with Walmart on a live-streaming program, but on a larger, more permanent scale – and in some respects, it flips the dynamic, with Tastemade providing the creative talent rather than the platform hosting product listings for a third-party app.

Pinterest is now essentially a supplier of product listings for Tastemade content, bringing it further closer to the eCommerce market.

Rather than depending on its own creator network and social interaction, the deal will promote itself through known creative professionals.

It will be interesting to see how the cooperation develops over time.

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