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Dengue fever cases have decreased by 83 percent in the Ilocos Region.

MALASIQUI, Pangasinan – The town of Malasiqui is located in the province of Pangasinan From January 1 to May 3at1 this year, the Department of Health’s Center for Health Development in the Ilocos Region (DOH-CHD-1) documented 527 dengue cases, down 82.3 percent from 3,065 cases in the same period the previous year.

264 instances were from Pangasinan, 110 from Ilocos Sur, 77 from Ilocos Norte, 57 from La Union, and 19 from Dagupan City, according to DOH-CHD-1 medical officer Dr. Rheuel Bobis in an interview on Tuesday.

According to him, the dengue mortality rate has dropped from three last year to one this year.

Despite the drop in dengue infections, DOH-CHD-1 is advising the public to stay cautious against the disease by following the 4S, especially during the rainy season.

The 4-S comprises locating and eradicating mosquito breeding areas, self-protection, seeking early consultation, and supporting fogging if there is clustering, according to Lariella Joy Daquioag, environmental and occupational health engineer of DOH-CHD-1, who spoke at a forum on Tuesday.

The public, according to Daquioag, should keep the environment clean.

“This includes cleaning containers that could be mosquito breeding grounds.” “It’s not enough to just toss out the stock water; you also need to brush the container to guarantee that the eggs are eliminated,” she explained.

Insect repellents certified by health authorities are also recommended for preventing dengue fever, she noted.

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