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Dengue fever is being prevented in Antique classrooms thanks to a DepEd effort.

The Department of Education’s (DepEd) clean, arrange, paint, and plant (CAPP) effort in Antique was shown to be beneficial in keeping dengue-carrying mosquitoes from prospering.

According to DepEd Antique Medical Officer 3 Kristine Marie Gadayan, CAPP was introduced in January this year to guarantee that schools are well-maintained, especially since 45 schools have opened their limited face-to-face lessons.

Gadayan stated that in addition to keeping the classrooms and school grounds clean, parents who came to retrieve their children’s modules also organized cabinets and chairs, as well as painted the classrooms with the help of school administrators and teachers.

“While organizing the cabinets, chairs, and other classroom equipment, the teachers are also able to remove containers that could serve as mosquito breeding grounds with the cooperation of the parents,” she added.

They clean out dry leaves and twigs, as well as old pots that could trap stagnant water, in addition to planting decorative plants and vegetables.

Dengue awareness campaigns are still being conducted in schools, according to Gadayan.

The school’s division has yet to track a pupil who has had dengue symptoms as a result of the CAPP initiative.

“Learners who attend face-to-face courses undergo thermal scanning right at the school’s gate and again before entering their classrooms so they can be isolated promptly,” she said. “But no learner has yet been identified to have fever related to dengue,” she added.

According to the most recent report from the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO), Antique has 777 cases of dengue fever as of June 14, with four deaths.

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