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The bill mandates that BARMM restaurants obtain a halal certificate.

CITY OF COTABATO – A congressman in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) wants all eateries and food delivery companies to obtain halal certification and display it prominently in their businesses.

“Halal certification assures consumers that food products are prepared in accordance with Shariah Law, are clean, hygienic, ecologically friendly, and respect animal welfare,” Bai Intan Ampatuan, a member of the BARMM parliament, said on Thursday.

Having halal certification prominently displayed in eateries, according to Ampatuan, will protect the health of BARMM constituents, while also pointing out that halal cuisine is now a growing business segment.

The BARMM government will force restaurants and even tiny roadside dining companies in the region to obtain a halal food certificate every year under the lawmaker’s BTA Bill No. 189, or the “Halal Food Certification Act of 2022.”

The bill prohibits the misleading portrayal of any product as halal without the requisite certification, which will result in the cancellation of company permits.

Ampatuan’s proposal also calls for the regional government to adopt policies that promote halal food and related products, prohibit misrepresentation and false claims in the preparation and sale of halal food products, and provide adequate remedies and means of redress for halal consumers who have been wronged.

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