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When a British diplomat visits Ilocos Norte, he pledges to boost renewable energy.

CITY OF LAOAG – Another ambassador to the Philippines, this time from the United Kingdom, spent two days in Ilocos Norte to strengthen bilateral collaboration in areas such as renewable energy and green infrastructure.

Laure Beaufils, the British Ambassador to the Philippines, was astounded by Ilocos Norte’s scenic and cultural landscapes, pristine beaches, and vast farmlands, to name a few. She said a team from the Ilocos Norte government presented a strong investment plan that offers huge opportunities for investors and those who wish to expand business in this northern gateway of Luzon.

Grete Sillasen, the Danish Ambassador to the Philippines, paid a visit to Ilocos Norte just two weeks ago, and like Beaufils, who is on a first-time visit, she left with a lasting image of the province’s green initiatives for a sustainable environment.

“I am thrilled that Ilocos Norte is a member of the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), which signed up to cut emissions and be held accountable for it,” Beaufils said on Wednesday, praising the province’s dedication to making it more livable, sustainable, and resilient.

To protect natural resources, the province enacted a decision early on to eliminate coal from its electrical supply. Its goal is to switch to 100% renewable energy.

The PPCA membership will assist the region in utilizing its vast renewable energy potential to meet its energy needs, obviating the need for polluting coal facilities.

According to the British envoy, the UK government may work with the government of Ilocos Norte to mitigate climate change and provide support on how people can adapt to the unavoidable consequences of climate change.

The British government has been sponsoring a number of creative programs in order to save more lives in disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and famines in the United Kingdom.

Smartphone apps, super buckets, and satellite technology, for example, are assisting individuals in surviving big calamities. In order to get more support to more people in the aftermath of a disaster, the approach focuses on improving the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation in responding to large-scale earthquakes, floods, and famines.

The ambassadors of Singapore, Australia, and Denmark paid a visit to the province earlier this year.

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