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‘Act quickly and be adaptable,’ Palace encourages the new PCOO.

MANILA, Philippines — On Thursday, deputy presidential spokesperson and Communications Undersecretary Michel Kristian “Kris” Ablan said that the incoming Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) must be prepared and flexible to ensure that the government’s information delivery services are efficient and timely.

During an interview with ABS-Teleradyo, CBN’s Ablan, who will remain in PCOO as a career executive service officer, delivered the advice.

“We must act quickly. Kailangan sa unang araw pa lang, gawin na po natin ‘yung kailangang gawin kasi (On our first day, we must do what we must because) otherwise, we will be beaten out by other agencies’ programs and activities kasi (because) we are all vying for the public’s attention “Ablan remarked.

President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., according to Ablan, may rely on the state media during his reign.

He instructed Marcos’ communications team to adapt to the environment and new technology in order to ensure that the public is well-informed about the next administration’s policies and plans.

“You have to be adaptable, ang isa sa mga natutunan ko (one of the things I’ve learned). Ang principle o presidente mo, kailangan mong mag-adjust (You must adjust, regardless of who your principal or president is) “Ablan stated as he reminisced about his time with the PCOO in 2016.

Being a part of the outgoing PCOO, he added, has been “very educational and life-changing,” especially given President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s unpredictable nature.

Ablan confessed that the PCOO had to “curate” Duterte’s words in order to make them “acceptable” to the public. Duterte is known for giving impromptu, extended speeches.

Marcos’ style of leadership will differ from Duterte’s because he prefers to be “deliberate,” according to Press Secretary-designate Beatrix Rose “Trixie” Cruz-Angeles.

Marcos also refuses to appoint a spokesperson, preferring instead to keep vlogging during his administration in order to convey information about his government “directly from the horse’s mouth.”

To keep the people informed, the new President plans to use social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Ablan said the PCOO might easily create a Tiktok account for the Marcos administration because the office already had accounts on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

“The President-communications elect’s team was extremely effective. So, we’ll see what they think are the strengths of this [outgoing] government, kung ano pong tingin nila’yung tingin nila ang strengths ng administration na ito (what they think are the strengths of this [outgoing] administration) “Ablan remarked.

Ablan promised that the PCOO will continue to perform its role as the incoming administration’s primary communications arm.

“The PCOO here is a service agency, and we will supply the executive with the services he requires,” he explained. “So, kailangan (what we need to do for me) is strike while the iron is hot.’ That’s my advice to our new officials.”

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