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CAAP’s virtual map of crucial locations is now available to the general public.

MANILA, Philippines — The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) introduced the critical areas virtual map on Thursday, which would help anyone seeking to erect buildings or put up towers surrounding airports determine if the structure’s height is consistent with regulatory criteria.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency, CAAP spokesperson Eric Apolonio said, “It can be utilized as a guide for any interested parties, especially telecommunication firms before they propose for the construction of a building or telecommunication towers.”

The critical regions map would show whether a proposed project will endanger air traffic.

He explained, “The CAAP is the national body that awards height clearance permits controlling standards for assessing obstacles near airports and in navigable airspace that apply to existing and proposed man-made objects such as telecommunication towers.”

CAAP, along with other agencies, streamlined the guidelines for granting permits and clearances for the construction of poles and underground fiber ducts, as well as the installation of aerial and underground cables and facilities, in order to speed up the rollout of telecommunications and internet infrastructure, according to Apolonio.

Permits must be applied for in-person at the CAAP central office.

“There are a lot of documentation requirements, and they’re not sure if they’ll be able to meet them all (the height of the structure is compliant). (Having this online platform will allow them to) assess if the application is compatible in real-time “he stated

Companies wishing to construct structures in the provinces must submit their applications to the CAAP central office in Pasay City, according to Apolonio.

The map can be found at http://www.caap.gov.ph/, which is maintained by the CAAP. Select the Height Clearance icon from the “Other Services” menu, then “CAAP Critical Areas.”

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