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The Comelec ‘clears’ a logistics firm after poll documents were discovered in Cavite.

MANILA, Philippines — F2 Logistics did not break any election laws, according to the Commission on Elections (Comelec), when election materials were discovered in Amadeo, Cavite, days after the May 9 elections.

The Commission en banc adopted the findings of the Packing and Shipping Committee (PSC) that probed the May 20 incident, according to Acting Comelec spokesperson John Rex Laudiangco.

“In the case of an electoral crime, they did not notice any overt acts that would lead to a reasonable cause.” “The evaluation is based on government procurement laws in terms of contract performance and compliance with contractual responsibilities,” he said.

“Under the Government Procurement Reform Act, the Performance Security may be forfeited if they did not comply (with) contractual duties,” he stated when asked about the potential penalty for breaching contractual obligations.

“You can also make a warranty claim” (this is the percentage retention on each payment while the warranty exists on all warrantable deliverables). The grounds and methods for blacklisting remain in the IRR (Implementing Rules and Regulations) of RA 9184, according to Laudiangco.

The PSC stated in its Investigation Report to Commissioner Aimee Ferolino that the materials discovered in the vicinity are not the reason for concern.

“It was discovered that the said election materials inside the black boxes were used items such as indelible ink, stamp pads, bond papers, as well as used/excess non-accountable forms, ballot secrecy folders, and envelopes,” according to a report submitted on June 9 by the Packing and Shipping Committee (PS).

It went on to say that none of the goods were “cause for alarm or used for fraud or similar activities as may have been stated in the FB (Facebook) post,” and that none of them were “caused for alarm or used for fraud or similar activities as may have been alleged in the FB (Facebook) post.”

“Notarized declarations of members of the Electoral Boards assigned to JP Rizal Elementary School, Pingkian, 1st District of Manila, where the aforementioned goods originated, backed up the PSC findings,” it said.

On June 15, the commission’s regular en banc meeting endorsed the report.

During the report’s deliberation, Ferolino stated that the inclusion of said election materials in the reverse logistics in JP Rizal Elementary School was due to an oversight, with the school’s clerk custodian giving instructions to F2 personnel to take everything, with the latter believing that the subject items should be retrieved along with the vote-counting machines.

During transportation, the concerned F2 Logistics Personnel briefly unloaded the subject election materials in their parking area in Amadeo, Cavite, while seeking clarity as to where to distribute these supplies.

It was also discovered that, following the clarification and realization of their error and miscommunication with the school clerk, F2 personnel promptly recovered such election materials and transported them to the F2 Logistics Headquarters in Paranaque City, where they were stored for safekeeping, and that the area where the election materials were discovered is, in fact, a parking area for F2 Logistics vehicles, and that the subject items were all accounted for as halves.

When pictures and videos of claimed election materials seen in an open space somewhere in Amadeo were released on social media last month, they went viral.

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