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In Iloilo, 22 medical students were tested. Covid-positive

CITY OF ILOILO – Twenty-two senior medical students from the Iloilo Doctors College (IDC), including an index case, have been diagnosed with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and are being kept in strict quarantine at their homes or boarding places.

On Friday, Dr. Marigold Calsas of the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) of the City Health Office (CHO) said they couldn’t say if the transmission had been contained yet, but the school was taking precautions.

Calsas said in an interview that IDC aims to re-swab people who have been exposed.

“We have individual tracing and individual advice,” she explained, “but the school supervises them and controls them according to their policy.”

The index case was a classmate of those afflicted who first developed symptoms before their practical exams on June 8-9.

The student returned to Antique on June 9 after receiving a positive antigen test result, which was later confirmed by a swab test.

According to Calsas, there were 94 students in a class who were divided into four groups for group study before their practical exams.

On June 12, the index case group was sent for a swab test, and 11 of them, who had already shown symptoms, were declared positive.

All people who had been exposed to the positive patients were quarantined for observation the next day. A test result provided on June 15 revealed ten more positive cases, all of which were asymptomatic.

Others were negative, but Calsas said they couldn’t track them down because the school determines who will be tested with a swab.

She emphasized that there is no risk of infecting patients because the pupils were isolated and given a swab test before being sent to the hospital.

The medical students that were infected were also completely immunized against Covid-19.

Other Iloilo medical schools, she noted, had previously suffered transmissions that were contained.

Calsas, on the other hand, complained that, while others have recognized their social responsibilities once infected, people in the medical sector self-medicate, do antigen tests, go to work despite experiencing symptoms, and only report to authorities if they are already feeling well.

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