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The Department of Health has asked the NegOcc legal office to look into allegations against doctors.

Three medical physicians and two other health workers in two district hospitals in the province are being investigated by the Provincial Legal Office of Negros Occidental (PLO).

The instances were reported to them by the Department of Health (DOH), which received two complaints from patients about the alleged incidents, according to provincial legal officer Alberto Nellas Jr.

“The complainants filed a complaint with the Department of Health. The Department of Health transferred it to the province, which forwarded it to us for quick action. He told reporters, “This concerns two separate allegations.”

The affected workers have been assigned to hospitals in Isabela and La Carlota, according to the provincial government.

The claimed behavioral concerns and irregular transactions involving the complainants are being probed, according to Nellas.

He went on to say, “The PLO created a fact-finding investigation and would provide recommendations.”

A complaint has been filed against the two physicians in Isabela for allegedly acting inappropriately with the patient.

The two workers in La Carlota allegedly colluded to commit an illegal practice, with the physician being involved due to command responsibility.

“Because things are still under investigation,” Nellas added, “we cannot release (further specifics).”

He went on to say that the PLO gathered evidence from both sides and carried out a preliminary investigation.

“From there, we’ll make recommendations to the Public Health Workers Investigation Committee,” the PLO chief stated.

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