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59 dengue cases have been reported in the town of Dinagat Islands.

As of June 12, the Dinagat Islands hamlet of San Jose reported 59 dengue cases.

According to the local government unit (LGU), the figure is up by 22 from the 37 dengue cases reported in their area on May 22 of this year.

The San Jose LGU stated in an alert that the majority of the dengue cases were documented in Barangays Justiniana Edera (10 cases), Don Ruben (8 cases), and Aurelio and San Juan (7 cases apiece).

To prevent an increase in the number of cases, the LGU has already stepped up its communication campaign on dengue fever.

“A sudden high fever with a severe headache at the back of the eyes is one of the earliest symptoms of dengue,” it said.

Muscle and joint problems, vomiting, exhaustion, and the appearance of skin rashes are among the other symptoms.

“These symptoms appear between five to eight days,” the LGU warned, urging those who are experiencing symptoms to seek treatment at the local health facility.

It also encouraged locals to participate in cleanup efforts to eliminate mosquitos that spread the dengue virus.

“Let’s utilize insect lamps and mosquito netting.” Put a screen on our windows and doors if at all possible,” the LGU said.

The local government asked parents to use insect repellents on their arms and legs and to wear socks on their children’s feet in the community, particularly in schools.

The kids were also told not to approach canals or locations with stagnant water by the LGU.

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