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Covid-19 vaccination in Legazpi City reaches a high of 107 percent.

LEGAZPI CITY, PHILIPPINES – The local government’s huge vaccination efforts have paid off, with 185,219 people fully vaccinated as of Friday, representing 107.8% of the target of 171,766.

According to the City Health Office (CHO), 15,475 old people, 149,994 people aged 18 to 59, 16,241 people aged 12 to 17, and 3,509 children aged 5 to 11 were already fully vaccinated.

In an interview on Saturday, Dr. Fulbert Gillego of the CHO indicated that the success was due to an information and house-to-house effort in collaboration with public hospitals, schools, and national government organizations.

“We exceeded the 70% goal herd immunity because we welcomed walk-in visitors who were not Legazpi natives.” “And the Department of Health gave Legazpi City credit for these vaccinated people,” Gillego stated.

There have been no current Covid-19 instances in the city for 27 days, or since May 22.

Quarantine facilities set up by the local authorities, according to Gillego, helped to reduce incidences by isolating infected people right away.

The Ibalong Centrum for Recreation (ICR), Legazpi City community isolation centers at the ICR’s main building and Legazpi City Science High School, Covid-19 center in Barangay Arimbay, Jennifer’s Garden in Barangay 15, and the Isolation Facility Center Great Pacific are the six isolation facilities in Legazpi.

Antigen testing kits were also obtained by the city to aid in the screening of suspected positive cases.

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