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The government has been requested to administer a second booster shot to the general people.

MANILA, Philippines — According to a politician, the government should make the second Covid-19 booster dosages available to the entire people in order to provide total protection against the disease.

Rep. Janette Garin of the Iloilo 1st District said on Saturday that the Delta and Omicron variants of Covid-19, as well as other subvariants, have changed the definition of “fully immunized,” noting that breakthrough infections are caused by waning and inadequate protection from the primary vaccination series.

“Everything must be scientifically supported.” The advantages of receiving two boosters have been proven in studies. Those who want total protection should be able to do so and should have the option,” said Garin, a former Health Secretary.

She stated that being “completely immunized” now entails finishing the primary series and receiving two booster doses.

Because of the virus’s behavior and its impact on vaccination, she believes the first immunization series will have to be three doses sooner rather than later.

“Walang bakuna overdose. Ito ng taong bayan, kailangan maintindihan (There is no such thing as an overdose in vaccines.) This is something that the whole people should be aware of),” she stated. “Kailangan lang natin ng mga tamang tao at eksperto na mag-explain ng immunization sa ating mga kababayan para maalis ang mga agam-agam at takot.”

Only the elderly, medical front-line workers and immunocompromised people (those who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, are on immunosuppressants, or have had an organ transplant) are currently eligible for the second dose.

According to the National Vaccination Operations Center, the government had fully vaccinated 70,005,247 people, or 77.78 percent of the target population, as of June 17.

The first booster shot has been given to 14,704,514 people, and the second booster dose has been given to 648,555 people.

Booster doses, according to Dr. Nina Gloriani, head of the Vaccine Expert Panel, would give an extra layer of protection, especially for people directly exposed to coronavirus, and as protection against a potential surge, because the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccinations wanes over time.

Five to seven days after receiving a booster shot, fully vaccinated persons might anticipate their neutralizing antibodies to return or rise. Gloriani claims that it just takes two to three days for certain people.

“Those who are eligible for a second booster dose should do so four months after the first,” she noted.

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