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MSMEs can sell eco-friendly products in an antique gallery.

On June 20 to 23, a gallery showcasing Antique’s local micro, small, and medium businesses (MSMEs) items opened as part of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office’s (PENRO) Balangay-designed office’s Environment Month celebration.

According to PENRO official Andres Untal, the MSMEs will be allowed to display and sell their products in the foyer of the PENRO facility.

Untal, along with Lynna Joy Cardinal of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Aben Ortega of Kapatid Mentor Me, Inc. (KAMI), cut the ribbon to officially open the gallery.

“At the gallery, we’re highlighting biodiversity-friendly enterprises,” he stated at a press conference on Monday.

Untal explained that because the PENRO’s approach to ecosystem development is from ridge to reef, they are encouraging biodiversity-friendly firms that employ raw materials available in the upland to economically maintain lowland areas.

Engineered bamboo cups and cooking items that are being planted in upland areas are among the local products on display at the gallery, he added.

Cardinal expressed his gratitude to the PENRO for allowing the KAMI, an organization made up of graduates of the Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) program, to showcase and sell their items.

“We appreciate the PENRO’s involvement in allowing KAMI to display and sell their environmentally friendly products,” she said.

She went on to say that the DTI has been implementing the KMME program to help MSMEs improve their entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through modular classes.

According to Ortega, the gallery now has roughly 20 MSMEs displaying their wares.

“The more market outlets we have, the more sales for our local items we can produce,” he stated.

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