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For the payment of One Covid allowance, a hospital must be liquidated.

According to Francisco Duque III, secretary of the Department of Health (DOH), proper liquidation reports from hospitals are required for the payment of the One Covid allowance (OCA).

In response to the worries of more than 120,000 healthcare workers who have not received their OCA, Duque stated during a televised interview that the DOH cannot “disburse public cash without due responsibility.”

“When it comes to liquidation, I’ve said that even partial liquidation is possible. (I informed them that partial liquidation would be acceptable.) Kailangan talaga may. Liquidation ought to occur. If not, the DOH will be held accountable and could face a COA [Commission on Audit] observation and disallowance, he continued.

People who are deemed to be “high risk” under the OCA will receive PHP9,000 monthly, “moderate risk,” PHP6,000, and “low risk,” PHP3,000.

The DOH had already prompted private hospitals and a few local government hospitals to file their liquidation reports.

For the DOH Centers for Health Development to transfer funds to private hospitals, it was said that rules and regulations required a memorandum of arrangement (MOA) and full accounting or liquidation of any already supplied monies.

It said that PHP403 million had been allocated and was “ready to use” for 266 medical facilities.

Due to a deficiency in supplied paperwork, particularly the signed MOA and liquidation report from the prior transfers of monies to the healthcare facility, the allocation is currently “waiting and for issuance of checks.”

The OCA payout is “personally monitored,” according to Duque.

Because they truly deserve it, he remarked, “Dahil talagang (Because they are),” adding that the One Covid Allowance was long overdue.

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