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NBI cyber unit leaders changed

The National Bureau of Inquiry’s (NBI-CCD) official internal investigation into cybercrime is still ongoing, even though new staff has been assigned in the interim, the agency’s spokesman stated on Wednesday.

The NBI “is still waiting for the outcome of the IAD (Internal Affairs Division) inquiry” into the suspected irregularities in an operation last May, according to NBI Deputy Director and spokesman Ferdinand Lavin in a message to newsmen.

Lavin stated that while this was going on, Atty. Michelle Valdez has replaced Special Agent Christopher Paz as the head of the NBI’s Digital Forensic Laboratory (FDL), which is now in charge of combating cybercrime (CCD).

According to Lavin, the staff changes were made in the “exercise of executive and administrative prerogative of the (NBI) Director.”

Victor Lorenzo was promoted to assistant regional director and director of the Cybercrime Investigation and Assessment Center in March, making Valdez the interim head of the NBI-CCD (CIAC).

As is customary whenever any NBI official or agent is under investigation by the internal affairs division in order to preserve the evidence and prevent any improper influence during the investigation, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra approved Lorenzo’s release pending an internal investigation over an alleged anomalous operation earlier this month.

Guevarra claimed that although the specifics of the incident involving Lorenzo’s unit are still hazy, they involved a Manila operation involving the service of a warrant to search, seize, and examine computer data in a specific establishment on May 31 where some alleged irregularities were purported.

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