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OCD emphasizes adherence to audit reports and observations

The Commission on Audit (COA) offered several observations and recommendations for the calendar year 2021, but the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) insisted on compliance with all of them on Wednesday.

“The COA Resident Auditor provided OCD with an “Unmodified Opinion on the Fairness of the Presentation of the Financial Statements of OCD” in the aforementioned report. If an opinion is unmodified, it signifies that OCD strictly complies with all applicable accounting and auditing laws and regulations “In a statement, the organization said.
The organization provided the clarification in response to a revelation that it had been “flagged” by the state audit committee over incomplete coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) facilities and the usage of quick response funding from the previous year (QRFs).

It also stated that the information was outdated as of December of last year.

“15 facility construction projects will be finished by June 21, 2022. These initiatives are being carried out by the municipalities of Jala-Jala, Corcuera, Romblon, Sofronio Espaola, Palawan, Cagayancillo, Cuyo, Iloilo, Malaybalay City, Province of Bukidnon, Valencia City, Province of Bukidnon, City Government of Kidapawan, Cotabato, Provincial Government of Sultan Kudarat, Municipality of Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Municipality “said the OCD.

It also stated that Taytay, Palawan, Santa Cruz, Marinduque, Torrijos, Marinduque, Libacao, Aklan, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat, and Municipality of Malungon, Sarangani all have facilities that are currently 85 percent complete, 90 percent complete, 97 percent complete, and 99 percent complete respectively.

“Total funds provided by OCD for LGU (local government unit) facility construction/conversion projects and support to LGU isolation facilities are PHP 769,529,293.39, of which PHP 605,229,143.58, or 79 percent, have been fully utilized/obligated, and PHP 164,300,149.81, or 21 percent, have been left unutilized/reverted to the National Treasury, the statement continued.

Given the local variations in the Covid-19 scenario that have had an impact on project implementation, the OCD stated that it takes the situation of the LGU receivers of the funding into consideration.

These circumstances include the occurrence of surges in Covid-19 cases and varying community quarantine classifications that had an impact on procurement procedures and project timelines, facility location issues that necessitated choosing a different project site, adherence to required plan revisions in accordance with Department of Health directives, and some projects starting during the height of the rainy season that had an impact on construction schedules.

The OCD also guaranteed the exercise of due diligence in reporting the status of the projects to the appropriate LGUs and in the filing of the required liquidation papers.

It further stated that QRFs are effectively being used to maintain operations during disasters, including the pandemic, and that they pay for operational costs for isolation facilities, including food for patients and staff, janitorial and housekeeping services, laundry, lodging for the front-line medical staff manning the facilities, as well as logistics support during disaster operations.

“Demand determines how the funds are used, therefore if the number of Covid-19 cases declines, so will the amount of funds used. OCD continues to train the central and regional offices in how to properly follow procurement procedures and handle money in accordance with current accounting laws and regulations “It was excellent.

To ensure the proper use of public monies, the agency has been collaborating closely with COA throughout the whole epidemic period.

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