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PRRD issues an executive order establishing new job titles for educators.

An executive order (EO) signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte encourages professional growth and career advancement among public school teachers by establishing new position titles with associated pay grades.

Duterte signed EO 174, which creates the enhanced career development system for public school teachers, on Wednesday. On Thursday, it was made available to reporters.

The purpose of the EO is to “encourage professional development and career advancements among public school teachers, and define the career lines of teachers within the public school system.” The extended career progression system for public school teachers is hereby established.

The system must be used in conjunction with other career paths for professional instructors outside of the public education system, as determined by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), and it must guarantee parity in obligations, acknowledgment, and pay for teachers who choose a career path.

In approving the EO, Duterte acknowledged how important changes to the educational environment in the country have been brought about by the K-12 Reform, the institutionalization of the Philippine Qualifications Framework, and the changing nature of 21st-century leaders.

According to the EO, “there is a need to review and update the system of career progression for public school teachers that is based on the achievement of qualifications and standards for teachers and school administrators, in order to provide more opportunities for professional growth and career advancement, and ensure that teachers are consistently motivated in providing quality education to students.”

According to the Order, the Department of Budget and Management must create new job titles for Teachers 4, 5, 6, and 7, as well as Master Teacher 5.

The career system will be built around the jobs of Teachers 1 through Teacher 7.

A teacher has the option of pursuing the Classroom Teaching Career Line or the School Administration Career Line after obtaining the credentials and competency level necessary for Master Teacher 1.

The eligibility requirements for teaching positions in the public school system, specifically at the elementary and secondary levels, including senior high school, must be unified by the Civil Service Commission, Department of Education, and Professional Regulation Commission.

While a teacher choosing a career as School Principal 1 must go up in the School Administration Career Line, a teacher wanting a promotion to Master Teacher 2 must move up in the Classroom Teaching Career Line.

If someone has all the required credentials and other expected competencies for the other career line, then transferring from one to the other must be permitted.

Promotion to the next higher posts in the service may be given consideration for both Master Teachers and School Principals.

Master Teacher 1, Master Teacher 2, Master Teacher 3, Master Teacher 4, and Master Teacher 5 are listed as the career lines for classroom teachers in the EO.

The following is a list of the professional paths for school administrators: School Principal 1, School Principal 2, School Principal 3, School Principal 4.

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