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DepEd welcome and teachers extension of career progression

After President Rodrigo Duterte approved the expansion of the Career Progression System for Public School Teachers on Friday, the Department of Education (DepEd) and numerous other instructors in public schools expressed their happiness.

Executive Order 174’s passage, according to elementary public school teacher Lorainne Saway, 27, who has worked in the field for six years, expands her options for professional advancement.

“Teachers are getting promoted more frequently since there are many open positions that may be filled. As for the positions, dati kasi puno ang mga positions at ang advancement. When it comes to professionalism, it is pangalawa if you need to have a master’s degree in order to advance. However, even after teacher number two, you may still advance if you have an active pag-aaral “Philippine News Agency was informed by her.

(Teacher promotions happen considerably more quickly since there are many open positions that may be filled. Because all positions were taken before the promotion, the time seemed to drag on. In terms of professionalism, you may now be promoted even if you’re a teacher 2.) even though your [master’s] study is still in progress. Previously, you had to complete a master’s [degree] before receiving a promotion.

According to Saway, more career advancement opportunities and technical training will be beneficial for many instructors.

Leilanie Monleon, 55, a secondary public school teacher for 33 years, agreed and said she was happy with the new rule.

She told the Philippine News Agency, “I think there is a positive side which might be regarded excellent for educators like us.

As she draws closer to retirement, Monleon eventually attained the Teacher 3 position. She did, however, warn that promotion under the recently approved progression method would need more time.

“Before, it was only up to Teacher 3, but now it is up to 7. Dati up to Teacher 3 lang now up to 7 na The climb to the peak takes far too long. Kumbaga, which feels like a lengthy voyage “Added she.

Meanwhile, the DepEd declared Thursday night that it is “jubilant” to add more roles for instructors.

This will “establish new position titles, namely Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, Teacher VII, and Master Teacher V, and foster professional growth and career promotion among public school teachers,” according to a statement from the DepEd.

Additionally, they gave the public the assurance that they would closely collaborate with other agencies to ensure the system’s smooth implementation.

The Civil Service Commission, the Department of Budget and Management, and the Professional Regulation Commission will all be involved in creating the EO’s rules and regulations, according to the DepEd.

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