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Guv asserts that Negros Occidental is about more than just sugar cultivation.

More changes and innovations brought about by Negros Occidental will help the province move beyond its status as the Philippines’ sugar center.

According to Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, his second term will see advancements in the following areas: infrastructure, tourism economic development, revenue generation, disaster management, education and sports, food security, water, and electricity supply adequacy, and environmental concerns.

During his inaugural speech at the provincial capitol grounds here on Saturday, Lacson said, “It is high time that we seriously reinvent, to show the world that Negros is more than just sugar, that Negros is the place where you can succeed if you try, and where a healthy economy can advance by what we make and innovate.

Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer and the 12 members of the Provincial Board likewise took their vows separately, and he did so in front of Regional Trial Court Judge Amy Alabado Avellano.

With the catchphrase “Abanse Negrense” still in use, Lacson pleaded for assistance as the province works to recover and realize its goals as a whole, considering the enormous potential of Negros Occidental.

Every stage of our history has had its own struggles. Ours was an exceptional health crisis that worsened into an exceptional economic and social crisis, he remarked.

Agriculture and Food Security, Building of Infrastructure, Roads and Other Structures, Advancement of Economic, Trade, Investment and Employment Opportunities, Nurturing of Public Health by establishing responsive hospitals and other social services, Sustainable Environmental Management and Tourism Development, Education, Culture, Sport and ICT, and the Negrense brand of Good Governance and Human Development are all included under the acronym “Abanse” (Advance).

Plans and initiatives

Lacson stated that the provincial government will fully implement the Universal Health Care program, as well as strengthen and expand the Provincial Health Board, along with the renovation and modernization of the Teresita L. Jalandoni Provincial Hospital and district hospitals, drawing on the lessons learned over the previous three years.

In order to administer preventative and curative medical health care services more effectively and affordably, the Provincial Health Office and Hospital Operations Department will coordinate their efforts.

According to Lacson, the province will broaden the range of services provided by the Provincial Disaster and Management Office in light of their experiences with Typhoon Odette in December 2017 and the coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19).

Through the One Hospital Command, Emergency Rescue 911, and Command and Response Center, he said, “We will manage resources, including manpower, to effectively match the emergency requirements of our residents.”

The emphasis will continue to be on education, and scholarship programs will be expanded to benefit all groups, especially the impoverished.

In order to give the Negrenses enough food sources, Lacson stated that the Provincial Veterinary Office and Office of the Provincial Agriculturist will complement and integrate their services.

“We must safeguard our PHP4 billion livestock business and PHP6 billion swine industry. One of the top livestock-producing provinces in the nation is Negros Occidental. The province will continue to lead the nation in backyard hog production, and it will work to improve the genetics of regional breeds for all animal species, he said.


By enhancing economic business development measures through the management of the capitol’s Food Terminal Market, Negros Residences hostel, and Mambukal Wildlife Sanctuary, the province will work to make up for the revenue lost during the epidemic and following “Odette.”

To increase investment prospects and showcase Negros Occidental’s enormous tourism potential, he stated, “our tourism office will innovate our promotion programs to attract more tourists and guests.”

As a supporter of Negrense talent and goods, Lacson emphasized that he believes Negros Occidental’s goods can compete in both domestic and international markets.

The governor declared, “Therefore, we shall consistently create platforms for small business owners to develop and market their products, particularly the start-up firms.

The Covid-19 pandemic, he continued, had a significant impact on the province’s earnings over the previous two years, therefore his administration will double its efforts to buck the trend and boost revenue in order to fund critical development initiatives and projects over the following three years.

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