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No tax increases will be made for the business sector, the new mayor of CDO promises.

The business sector, which is still recuperating from the Covid-19 outbreak, will not see any tax increases, according to the newly elected leadership in this country.

Rolando Uy, the city’s incoming mayor, requested the assistance of the city council on Sunday during a press conference at a mall here to pass an ordinance in support of his plans, which include offering incentives to new investors and discounts to company owners who pay their real estate and business taxes ahead of time.

According to Uy, his methods can help the economy grow, create jobs, and motivate business owners to pay their debts.

In order to allow delinquent taxpayers in public markets to be eligible for new contracts, he would also come up with a strategy for their forgiveness.

Uy would request a reduction in fines for the transportation industry to aid operators and drivers in meeting their daily needs.

“I’ll ask the city council, and I’m hoping they’ll support me and let me assist our citizens. I’ll also reassure you that the government is always willing to talk and offer assistance, Uy stated at the post-inauguration press conference.

There is no opposition to Uy’s proposals for economic recovery, according to Second District councilor Ian Mark Nacaya, who was just reelected.

Because it is for the people, Nacaya predicted that there won’t be any opposition.

Christian Rustico Achas, a councilor-elect, promised support for the business community, the transportation industry, people with disabilities, and other social services.

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