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A global online market for cooperative products

To help local cooperatives sell their goods on a worldwide scale, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) has developed the Co-op Biz, an online marketplace for CDA-registered cooperatives.

Beginning on Tuesday, Coopbiz.ph will host 70 merchant cooperatives from various regions of the country that will sell goods in a variety of categories, including home goods, clothing, accessories, and luggage.

CDA chairman Joseph Encabo stated during the Co-op Biz launch in Quezon City that this program aims to spur the growth of cooperatives by bringing their products to markets both domestically and abroad.

For local deliveries, CDA has a partnership with J&T Express, and DHL is their international courier.

“Even though globalization began decades ago, the CDA has only recently entered this era; yet, I believe it is still possible for us to catch up… Encabo stated that “we are not only talking about a regional approach or business engagement; we want to see cooperatives operating their market and engaging their company globally.

He claimed that cooperatives could boost the economy further by entering the international market.

Encabo claimed that introducing cooperatives’ goods to the global market, will also benefit promoting locally produced goods.

He continued, “If we’re going to support our industry… we must first buy our stuff.

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