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Filipinos must adapt to Covid-19, says DOH

As the virus’ elimination is impractical, Filipinos should prepare to live with coronavirus sickness in 2019 and adjust to a new normal, a health official warned on Wednesday.

According to Maria Rosario Vergeire, undersecretary of health for health, the public must rely on vaccines and continue to follow health precautions in order to coexist with the virus while lowering the danger and safeguarding others.

“We’re already teaching our citizens that we should live with this virus; they must safeguard themselves by getting our vaccines and also carrying out and adhering to our safety procedures, including wearing face masks,” she said. “Alam din po natin na pang matagalan po ang sakit na ito na hindi naman po talaga basta-basta mawawala” (We also know that our fight against this sickness [Covid-19] will take a long time and it won’t go away quickly).

She declared that even as the number of cases increases, the government will no longer impose rigorous lockdowns as it did at the height of the pandemic to stop coronavirus spread.

Living with the virus, according to health professionals, involves admitting that its eradication is impractical and that it will eventually be absorbed into other prevalent viruses.

In Western Visayas, the National Capital Region, and among returning overseas Filipinos, Vergeire reported that three additional Omicron subvariants had been reported in around 63 additional cases.

She continued by saying that cases of Covid-19, which are on the rise once more due to travel patterns, low vaccination rates, particularly for booster injections, and a lack of compliance with minimal public health requirements, it is expected that Filipinos may get the disease.

“Tayo po ay makakaagapay dito, basta mild, moderate, at saka asymptomatic. As long as it’s mild to moderate and asymptomatic, we can tolerate this.) Ang pinakaimportante sa atin ngayon ay ma-i-manage at ma-maintain natin ang ating mga hospital. The current focus is on managing and maintaining our hospitals so that the number of admitted cases stays low and stays severe and critical “She spoke.

According to DOH data as of June 28, more than half of all hospital admissions were for asymptomatic and mild cases of Covid-19, while only at least 10.68 percent, or 591 cases, were severe and critical, which is lower than the 20 percent recorded in January.

No pause

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) commander Maj. Gen. Felipe Natividad reissued his appeal to the public to carefully abide by current Covid-19 health procedures and guidelines in order to prevent another upsurge in cases amid an increase in instances in Metro Manila.

This occurred at the same time as the NCRPO arrested 1,920 people and fined 409 more for breaking minimal health standards.

Although the pandemic has been ongoing for more than two years, Natividad claimed that this illustrates a trend of contempt for current regulations.

“By now, we ought to be able to cope with the virus. These regulations were put in place to safeguard our citizens, especially the old and the young, and to keep our communities secure. I implore everyone to renew their dedication to the fight against this dreadful disease and to fortify our solidarity “In a statement, he said.

A total of 4,364 new cases, or an average of 662 instances per day, were reported in the nation from June 20 to June 26, a 53 percent rise over the number of cases from June 13 to 19.

A serious classification was given to about 591 of these cases, with a 14.9 percent intensive care unit bed occupancy rate and an 18.1 percent non-ICU bed utilization rate as a result.

“Let’s always remind ourselves and our families of our responsibility to adhere to the basic health and safety requirements set in place to safeguard us from this disease. The time is still on their side if they choose to remain unvaccinated. Boost your immunity and get vaccinated while there is still time “said Natividad. (

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