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PCCI advises the Marcos administration to focus on business-friendly initiatives.

The largest business organization in the nation, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), is pleading with the new administration to maintain the policies and initiatives of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA).

PCCI President George Barcelon expressed his hope that the government would continue the ARTA reforms that were initiated under the Duterte administration in a statement on Thursday.

According to Barcelona, efforts to reduce red tape and streamline interactions with government agencies ensure that businesses continue to have confidence in and faith in the government.

He continued by saying that in order to win over both domestic and foreign investors, the business community places a high value on reducing bureaucratic red tape.

The PCCI commends ARTA for achieving a number of milestones that have had a significant positive impact on the business community. We are pleased that ARTA and PCCI have a solid working relationship in putting these legislative improvements into effect, added Barcelon.

The head of PCCI acknowledged ARTA’s initiatives that reduced red tape and made conducting business easier.

These initiatives include the Center for Drug Regulation and Research and the Food and Drug Administration’s electronic operating licenses into the Central Business Portal, as well as the National Effort for the Harmonization of Efficiency Measures of Interrelated Agencies (NEHEMIA) program, which aims to address overregulation in the logistics, telecommunication, housing, food and pharmaceutical, and energy sectors.

In terms of adopting programs to make it easier to do business in the nation and reduce red tape, PCCI stated that ARTA is “one of the most performing agencies of the Duterte administration.”

The Republic Act 11032, also known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act, was signed by the former president Rodrigo Duterte in 2018.

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