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DA predicts encouraging outcomes from the ASF vaccine experiment.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) announced on Wednesday that the vaccine trial against African swine disease is showing promising results (ASF).

Director of the DA-Bureau of Animal Industry Reildrin Morales stated during a press conference that they hoped to submit the initial report today.

“Phase 2 with Robina Farms is still ongoing, and we’re getting fantastic results, na inexpect natin (as what we’ve been anticipating),” he said. “Hopefully, ma-hand-over natin ‘yung (to handover the) report within the day, ‘yung (the) intermediate report.”

The second trial’s verdict is anticipated to be made public this month, the district attorney previously stated.

The suggestion for President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. would also involve the widespread vaccination of hogs against ASF, according to Agriculture Secretary William Dar.

The president-elect and the secretary of agriculture will be strongly advised to fund the vaccination of the hog inventory right away if the vaccine trial’s results are positive, he said. “I have said before ‘pag maganda po ‘yung results nitong testing natin ng bakuna, ay (if the result of this vaccine trial is good),” he added.

Morales pointed out that the number of ASF cases in the nation had “flamed up” from 12 to more than 60 barangays. Then, as of June 23, 36 barangays had ASF instances that are active.

He claimed that the region is under strict surveillance.

The DA further stated that efforts are being made to continue the repopulation program and the insurance for hog farmers.

As they work to combat the reported diagnosis of inclusion body hepatitis, Morales also identified a new threat to the poultry industry (IBH).

This, he claimed, explains their consent to the unique importation of vaccines against the particular strain of IBH under observation.

“We have held a number of meetings with the technical or association of the poultry industry, and we are also working with the producers. Data indicates that we are concerned about inclusion body hepatitis, and in order to support the industry, the DA-BAI has permitted the special importation of vaccines. A group showed in their report that the available vaccination is not the one that is, that would cater to the strain that is present. Ang isang grupo ay ipinakita doon sa kanilang result na ‘yung available vaccine na mayroon tayo sa kasalukuyan “said he.

The IBH, according to Morales, is “liken to avian influenza, something produced by a virus, damaging growth, lethal yet non-transmissible to people, and is actually an agricultural worry,” although he did not provide initial numbers.

“The virus that causes this illness is called ‘yung sakit po na ito. It affects the growth of young. Of course, it results in poultry mortality. It is not nakayahawa sa too, please (This is not infectious to people). Actually, there is a farm issue here. This is something that we already have, but not at this level “said he.

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