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Additional benefits for single parents to reduce inflation: solon

According to a senator, the new law offering solitary parents greater advantages would not only help them provide the support needed to raise their children appropriately but will also lessen the impact of inflation given the rising cost of fuel and commodities.

The Expanded Solo Parents Act, which was written by Agusan del Norte Rep. Lawrence Fortun, ramps up the monetary and non-cash benefits that will soon be made available to people who maintain a full family or a dependant on their own.

Fortun stated in a statement, “We did everything was possible to help solitary parents cope with escalating costs of living.”

He pointed out that by reducing the requirement from one year to six months of employment, the bill made it simpler for single parents to be eligible for seven days of paid vacation.

He said that a PHP1,000 monthly cash grant for single parents who make the federal minimum wage or less would “essentially” increase their take-home pay.

He noted that the 10-percent discount on purchases of essential commodities for infants’ requirements up until age 6 “will assist mitigate the impact of inflation.”

He said that educational scholarship payments for single parents with one dependent would likewise significantly lower the cost of education.

“One of the most vulnerable and neglected groups in society are solo parents. However, because they may work or make a living, the social safety net for them is important but distinct from that for elderly people and those with impairments, according to Fortun.

He emphasized the need of maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and secure data on individuals and asked local government organizations to maintain an accurate list of their single-parent residents.

He also expressed the hope that the Philippine Identification System Act would be amended by the 19th Congress so that the national ID’s supporting database would recognize or identify single parents, people with disabilities, and seniors, as well as contain important related data that would allow them to use the ID to claim benefits that are owed to them under various laws.

According to the new law, wives or any other family members of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who fall into the low/semi-skilled category and are absent from the Philippines for an uninterrupted period of 12 months are included in the description of “solo parents.”

Grandparents, relatives, or qualified guardians who have sole custody of the kid are also included in the amendment.

The law requires the secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development to create a “comprehensive package” of social protection services for single parents and their families, regardless of their financial situation, that includes opportunities for employment, legal counsel and assistance, counseling services, parent effectiveness services, and stress debriefing, among others.

The DSWD is required to create and maintain a “centralized database” of all solo parents who have received solo parent identification cards or booklets in collaboration with the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

A new part of the law designates the third week and third Saturday of April each year as National Solo Parents Week and National Solo Parents Day, respectively.

A unification of the January 24th-passed Senate Bill 1411 and House Bill 8097 is Republic Act 11861.

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