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Marcos promises to create a “resilient, agile” PH

On Thursday, newly-elected President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. pledged to lead the Philippines to become an “agile and resilient” country.

In an effort to provide Filipinos with a better living in a “safer” and “more wealthy” nation, Marcos pledged to move quickly and avoid delaying decisions in his inauguration speech at the National Museum of the Philippines.

That is how resilient and adaptable Republics are created, he claimed. “The likelihood of reaching our goals increases with the speed and certainty of our beginning. We live in worrying times. Although it won’t, what is happening to others can and will happen to us. We can observe what is going on.”

Marcos was also delighted that a sizable majority of Filipinos had elected him as their leader, putting their faith in him to foster harmony and success.

In keeping with his pledge to maintain national harmony while in office, Marcos voiced his belief that all Filipinos “would go further together than against each other, pushing forward, not pulling each other back.”

“I really think that under my leadership, we can achieve great things if we just concentrate on the tasks at hand and those that may arise. You concur with it, “said Marcos.

‘All-benefiting’ changes

Marcos also committed to pursuing changes for the Filipino people, even if they were “extreme.”

“All parties will gain from the improvements we desire, and none will be left behind. I wasn’t the catalyst for the transformation. That was you. You brought about that, “said he. “You’ll have to lend a hand. On it, I wish to rely. But rest certain that I do not base success on the necessary broad cooperation. I’ll complete it.”

In response to the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, he said that his administration will take the necessary steps to assure the nation’s economic recovery.

“Both ours and larger economies were devastated by the pandemic. The virus is not the lone culprit. What had been beautifully constructed was demolished. We’ll repair it more effectively “said Marcos. “Our best prevention and protection are better resilience and quicker flexibility.”

The “Future of Sufficient”

Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s son said he would not dwell on the past because he wanted to concentrate on the “future of sufficiency.”

“I’m not here to discuss the past. I’m here to inform you about our future, a future of abundance and lots of readily accessible tools and resources to do the tasks at hand “said he.

Food security is one of Marcos’ key objectives, and he will also act as the administration’s czar for agriculture.

As he underlined the necessity to provide food sufficiency and the “preferential treatment,” he made the commitment.

“Agriculture’s role cries out for the urgent attention that its neglect and mismanagement presently require. Every administration has made the promise of achieving food self-sufficiency. Only one delivered, though. The traditional and modern methods both had flaws in them “explained Marcos.

There are no justifications

He also promised not to offer any justifications to his fellow Filipinos.

Marcos committed to keeping his commitments, which include addressing problems in the energy sector, safeguarding the welfare of Filipino workers abroad, enhancing the nation’s educational system, and fostering the tourism sector.

“Government can accomplish the same amount on its own without requesting more of you. Government and public authorities exist for that purpose. Deliver with no justifications. In the past, it was like that “said he.

He promised to explore “new” and “better” solutions to the urgent problems facing the nation.

“I reach out to all Filipinos in this new chapter of our history. Come, let’s put our shoulders to the wheel and help it turn more quickly as we repair, rebuild, and confront issues in novel ways to meet the needs of all Filipinos and to the best of our abilities “added Marcos.

acknowledging his forerunner

Meanwhile, Marcos thanked his predecessor, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, for having the “courage” to make “hard decisions” that would advance the nation.

Additionally, he pledged to carry out several of the initiatives started by his predecessor, including the Duterte administration’s infrastructure projects.

To ensure the projects’ swift completion, he promised to develop a “comprehensive” infrastructure plan.

“I’ll finish the tasks that have been started on time. I don’t want to claim the honor. On the success that has already been achieved, “said Marcos. “Perhaps six years will be just enough. No region of our nation will be ignored. Wherever there are Filipinos, there will be progress. Therefore, no investment is lost.”

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