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PBBM reiterates its intention to deepen connections with allies.

On Thursday, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening the Philippines’ ties with its allies.

At the National Museum of the Philippines, where he also had his inauguration as the nation’s 17th President take place, Marcos hosted a customary Vin d’honneur with ambassadors and made the commitment.

“I appreciate each and every one of you for honoring us with your attendance today. In addition, I appreciate the heartfelt congratulations from your nations, administrations, and heads of state as well as the ongoing offer of support and cooperation you have extended to the Philippines in the future “He said to the ambassadors.

According to Marcos, his administration is committed to maintaining the Philippines’ strong ties with nations that it views as allies and partners.

“There isn’t a better way to start a new government than to be able to establish the alliances and fortify the ties between our nations. And that is something with which we will certainly work “added said.

Global issues including the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Pandemic and climate change were also discussed by Marcos.

He claimed that by continuing their collaboration, the nations affected by the coronavirus, including the Philippines, will help the world recover from the pandemic in a “more balanced and stable” manner.

“I still think that our allies and partners will be crucial to our ability to recover from the pandemic and change the global economy,” Marcos remarked.

Aware that the Philippines are “in the most susceptible position compared to many other countries,” he also stressed the importance of addressing climate change.

“The significance that all of your nations now place on climate change particularly strikes me. All of the ambassadors and representatives from the various nations I have met with have all offered offers of assistance in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change, and I feel that this is a unified decision “said he.

The French expression “wine of honor” is where the name “vin d’honneur” originates, according to the Official Gazette. It usually happens after speeches, inaugurations, and other formal events that mark the social life of the French regions.

The occasion is regarded as a diplomatic event in the Philippines.

Along with other diplomats, Marcos and Archbishop Charles Brown, the Papal Nuncio and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, shared a toast.

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