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Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids are ratified by Canada as the first nation.

As NATO member states signed admission protocols for the Nordic nations on Tuesday, the prime minister of Canada revealed that his nation had become the first to confirm Sweden’s and Finland’s applications for membership.

Justin Trudeau said in a statement that Canada has “complete confidence in Finland and Sweden’s capabilities to quickly and effectively integrate into NATO and contribute to the Alliance’s collective defense.”

He said, “We call on all NATO members to work promptly to finish their ratification processes to reduce the potential for meddling by adversaries. Their participation will make NATO stronger.”

After formally inviting them to join the military alliance during the historic summit in Madrid last week, representatives from NATO’s 30 member nations signed accession documents for Finland and Sweden.

The parliaments of all members must ratify the accession protocols. Prior to adjourning for the summer, the Canadian House of Commons debated and voted on a resolution on June 1 and June 2, respectively.

The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security of the parliament passed a resolution in May endorsing the membership of the Scandinavian nations in NATO and urging all other members to join so “as soon as feasible.”

“Finland and Sweden joining NATO are supported wholeheartedly by Canada. We were the first to formally ratify their entry into the Alliance this morning. Together, we are stronger, “Tuesday saw a tweet from Melanie Jolie, the foreign minister.

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