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Department of Housing guarantees uninterrupted functioning

Despite upcoming personnel moves in the coming days, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) assured uninterrupted operations in the housing sector.

According to Memorandum Circular 1 from the Office of the President dated June 30, “Declaring Vacant Certain Positions in the Departments, Offices, Agencies and Bureaus in the Executive Department and Fixing Rules Thereto to Ensure Continuous and Effective Delivery of Service,” Assistant Secretary Melissa Aradanas would be the officer in charge. This was announced by the DHSUD on Friday.

The DHSUD chief’s tasks and responsibilities will be carried out by Aradanas until July 31 or until a successor has been named or designated, whichever comes first.

She has called a meeting of the management committee of the DHSUD to go through all of the agency’s current plans and programs in order to guarantee the continuity of its services.

A briefer on the services and current policies in the housing sector was to be created by committee members and delivered to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the subsequent Cabinet meeting.

The briefer will be utilized to steer the upcoming heads and determine the direction for the numerous housing-related projects and strategies.

Eduardo del Rosario, a former DHSUD secretary, previously offered assurance that the organization’s diligent work would not be lost and would be continued by the new administration.

Del Rosario stated that he thinks the officials who are still in place are doing a decent job of managing the housing market.

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