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🌐 Get Ready for the Tech “REVOLUTION”! DMAP’s DigiCon Returns with a Bang! 💥

💡 Brace yourselves for an immersive experience in innovation as DMAP’s DigiCon returns to ignite the tech scene in the Philippines! Get ready for a journey of discovery and advancement! 🎉


DMAP’s DigiCon returns to accelerate Philippines’ tech “REVOLUTION

Manila, Philippines — The Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP), the country’s center of excellence and innovation in digital marketing, will spearhead the movement towards mastering the digital landscape when it hosts the 9th edition of the annual Digital Congress (DigiCon), with the theme, REVOLUTION, on October 15 to 16, 2024, in Newport City, Metro Manila.

This major annual digital convention will gather global and local industry experts, thought leaders, and technology pioneers to drive innovation and digital transformation in the Philippines.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn, interact, and collaborate through five focused tracks: E-commerce, Digital Transformation, Brand Building in Digital, Analytics RPA and Data Science, and Innovation Labs on AI and Metaverse. These tracks, along with various practical and immersive activities, aim to provide a roadmap for leveraging rapid digital changes, equipping attendees with tools and insights for digital agility and continuous learning.

DigiCon REVOLUTION 2024 Co-chair Alan Fontanilla emphasized the transformative impact of this year’s conference.

“This year’s theme, Digital REVOLUTION, goes beyond inspiration. DigiCon REVOLUTION equips you with essential tools through our masterclasses, providing substantial skills and producing tangible outcomes that significantly impact your brand or organization’s growth. Attendees will have access to insightful conversations in our rapidly evolving field, cutting-edge digital knowledge, and an unparalleled network of industry professionals and companies. No other digital marketing conference in the Philippines offers this level of connectivity,” Fontanilla said.

Building on past successes, DigiCon REVOLUTION 2024 expects to attract over 2,000 attendees from various sectors, including marketing, advertising, business, academia, media, and innovation. This event aims to foster collaboration and digital excellence among forward-thinkers and innovators.

This year’s DigiCon will feature a unique multi-venue setup within Newport City, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience. Plenary talks will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, while breakout sessions will take place at the nearby Sheraton and Hilton hotels. International and local speakers will share insights and trends through keynotes, masterclasses, and workshops, creating an unparalleled DigiCon 2024 experience.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that the country’s digital economy amounted to PHP 2.05 trillion in 2023, contributing 8.4 percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is predicted that, if leveraged fully, digital transformation can create up to PHP 5 trillion in annual economic value by 2030.

Since its first iteration in 2016, DigiCon has consistently been a pivotal gathering for the luminaries of Philippine marketing, advertising, and digital landscapes.

Early registration is now open to the public. To secure your spot and learn more about DMAP DigiCon REVOLUTION 2024, you may visit https://www.digicon.com.ph/.



Founded in 2007, the Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP), formerly IMMAP, is the center of excellence and innovation in digital marketing in the country, powered by a collective of “forward tinkerers” who are shaping the future of digital transformation in the country. DMAP currently has over 250 members, including enablers of brands, advertising agencies, and digital transformation advocates. Throughout the years, DMAP has spearheaded initiatives to drive digital learning, skills development, and camaraderie in the advertising and marketing industries.

For more information, you may visit https://www.dmap.com.ph/


The return of DMAP’s DigiCon signifies a thrilling time for the tech community in the Philippines. With a focus on sparking a tech “REVOLUTION”, this event promises to accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation across various sectors. By empowering minds and fostering collaboration, DMAP’s DigiCon is poised to lead the charge towards tech excellence in the Philippines. As participants engage in an immersive experience filled with discovery and advancement, they become key players in shaping the future of technology in the country. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the movement towards a brighter, tech-driven future!

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