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Senators provide ideas to support the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

As the number of cases in the nation begins to grow once more, senators see a need for more coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccinations as well as booster shots.

On Wednesday, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go called on the government to step up its education effort on the Covid-19 immunization, saying it should reach as many competent people as possible.

In order to reach areas with low vaccination rates, he stated, “We have done well the past year in acquiring sufficient vaccine supply, but we must magnify these efforts further.”

Go also hopes to provide Filipinos with all the knowledge they require to choose wisely whether to have themselves immunized.

“To prevent masayang from occurring with regard to the consuming group’s pinaghirapan, bukod sa sapat na supply, awareness, and access sa mga bakunang ito. Apart from an abundant supply, awareness and access to these vaccines are required so that our efforts won’t be in vain, so long as they are available in the communities where they are needed. If at all feasible, let’s deliver the necessary information and immunizations straight to their front doors, especially in rural areas “Added he.

The Department of Health said that as of July 10, 71,055,752 Filipinos had obtained all of their recommended vaccinations, and 15,342,652 of them had already received their booster injections.

The department added that from July 4 to July 10, there were a total of 10,271 new cases reported, which is almost 39% more instances than were reported the week before.

Dr. Rontgene Solante, an expert in infectious diseases, proposed during Monday’s Laging Handa briefing that the general populace of the nation should be obliged to receive Covid-19 booster doses for further protection at work and school.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada supported the idea but thought that only adults should be subject to it.

“We have already established that the Covid vaccine shields us from the most severe coronavirus infection. It is the responsibility of the government to decide swiftly (based on the advice of our health experts), given that we are once again seeing an increase in cases and the positivity rate, as well as that we anticipate the waning of the potency of vaccines that were administered six months ago “In a statement on Tuesday, Estrada said.

The returning senator said that another Covid-19 rise could cause economic troubles and a recession if immediate action was not taken.

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