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DOLE notes that most businesses lack safety officers.

An official of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) stated on Wednesday that the majority of businesses lack safety officers and committees that would ensure adherence to legal requirements for workplace safety.

This is one of the frequent breaches discovered during labor inspections carried out by the organization at numerous enterprises, according to Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) executive director Noel Binag in a Laging Handa briefing.

“Some don’t have first-aid responders, in addition to the absence of safety officers and a safety and health committee. He remarked in Filipino, “The big corporations should also have occupational health personnel on call for any crises or accidents.

The promotion of workplace safety, according to Binag, must be a shared responsibility.

“This cooperation is necessary to prevent occupational injuries or illnesses; it is not solely the responsibility of DOLE or OSHC. This is a collaborative endeavor between our employers, our safety officers, and our employees in particular. They play a significant role because we draw their attention if they spot such impending risks. Let’s support our employers by making sure the workplace is safe and organized, he continued.

Following two recent workplace mishaps in the nation, Binag made his comments.

Last week, an elevator crash from the 38th level killed two workers who were servicing an elevator on the sixth floor of a Makati City skyscraper.

Six construction workers were killed on Monday night in Tagaytay City after a concrete fence fell on their barracks in Barangay Kaybagal Central.

On the other hand, he pointed out that employees may decline to report to work if there is a serious hazard present.

“We refer to that as the existence of impending danger. Due to the imminent danger, our employees have the right to decline to work. Additionally, they have the right to file a report with their employer, safety officer, and particularly the Department of Labor and Employment, he continued.

The Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) Act, also known as Republic Act 11058, governs the implementation of health and safety regulations at work.

A daily administrative punishment of up to PHP100,000 may be imposed on businesses for failing to comply with the law’s standards for occupational and health safety.

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