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La Union State University receives a facility to make salt

The Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-North La Union campus-Fisheries Research and Training Institute (DMMMSU-NLUC-FRTI) has received a salt manufacturing facility and a salt iodizing equipment from the Department of Science and Technology Ilocos regional office (DOST-1).

Carla Joyce Cajala, a DOST-1 project assistant, claimed in an interview on Thursday that the project, worth PHP400,000, was requested by the school as a part of its network and linkage program.

The school has received a grant. Now, they will be able to use the iodizing machine to make 60 kg of iodized salt per batch and 180 kg of salt per day, she said.

The project, according to Cajala, has given the school the ability to make iodized salt.

“In the past, they only produced regular (table) salt. Along with other facilities, the salt iodizing machine infuses salt with iodine, increasing the school’s salt production, she continued.

The DOST, DMMMSU-NLUC-FRTI, Bestmark Agro-Industrial Manufacturing, the solely accredited fabricator of the salt processing equipment, and JM Manufacturing, a DOST Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) beneficiary, according to Cajala, successfully collaborated to establish the salt processing facility.

By providing an environment-friendly policy, industrial diversification, and value addition to commodities, the country aims to boost domestic technology development, research, and innovation, she said.

The organization’s initiative to produce iodized salt is noteworthy, according to Dr. Angelina Gonzales, an officer in charge of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension at DMMMSU, because it can help combat malnutrition.

The inventions should be useful, adaptable to the needs of the consumers, and replicable for various purposes, according to her.

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