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Beginning on July 15, Baguio will provide tourists with free bus trips.

Beginning on Friday, the municipal administration will provide tourists with a free hop-on, hop-off (HO-HO) bus service.

Aloysius Mapalo, the city’s tourism officer, explained that the service, which allows visitors to store their cars in a parking lot and board buses for a free tour of the city, attempts to reduce traffic congestion.

He declared that visitors with authorized quick response travel permits, which are produced by enrolling at the online visitors’ registration portal, will be given unlimited free rides on the tourist bus.

Visitors must leave their automobiles at the Baguio Convention Center’s designated parking spaces (BCC).

Mapalo added that the HO-HO bus is anticipated to lessen traffic, particularly on weekends when the city records over 40,000 tourist arrivals, the majority of whom arrive in private vehicles.

Additionally, this will save travelers time and money searching for parking spaces.

Owners of vehicles may leave their vehicles at the BCC for as little as PHP35 for the first two hours and PHP10 more for each consecutive hour.

For the first two hours, minibusses will be charged PHP40, and then PHP15 for each additional hour.

However, the price for regular tourist buses is PHP400 for the first two hours and PHP15 for each extra hour, while the price for motorcyclists is PHP10 for the first two hours and PHP5 for each additional hour.

According to Mapalo, the prices are the same as those for routine parking charges levied by the municipality.

He explained, “All passengers will be given tickets to ride on the tourist bus at any specified departure time in designated points along the circuit.

Two buses would run a different timetable with a total of seven journeys, according to Mapalo.

The buses will begin picking up passengers at the BCC compound’s beginning point at 8:30, 9:50, 11:30, 12:30, 1:50, 3:20, and 4:30 p.m., which is the latest pick-up time.

Trips are offered every Friday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 6:20 p.m.

At a predetermined time, the buses will pass through the Botanical Garden, Mansion House, Mines View Park, and Wright Park.

There is no need to pre-register; just park and ride according to first come, first served. There are numerous trips to accommodate the numerous tourists, he noted.

According to a city study, the HO-HO bus will aid in reducing traffic because it can carry 50 cars worth of passengers at once.

Tourists can use designated stops to pass through prominent tourist attractions and exit at Governor Pack Road, from whence they can stroll to Burnham Park, the Cathedral, Session Road, and other fascinating locations inside the central business district, such as gift and souvenir shops.

There will be a 50-minute wait between rides and a 15 to 20-minute wait period at approved stops, with a maximum of 40 passengers per bus.

Around the specified route, seven trips per day are permitted.

Mapalo continued, “The tourists might spend more time in tourist attractions as they wait for the next bus.

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