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To rebuild ruined crops, the DA provides Banaue with vegetable seeds.

The Department of Agriculture in the Cordillera Administrative Region (DA-CAR) has sent vegetable seeds to Banaue, Ifugao residents, and farmers whose crops were harmed by the town’s recent flash flood.

According to Cameron Odsey, regional director of the DA-CAR, “the President’s mandate to the DA is to ensure that the production of food would not diminish to secure sufficiency.”

According to him, the seeds, which are worth PHP340,680 and consist of tomatoes, bell peppers, and cabbage, are suitable for Banaue’s climate and temperature.

A total of 168 hectares of rice plantations and vegetable gardens were partially damaged by the flash flood, while 1,451 hectares were completely destroyed, according to the initial estimate given to their office. The damage was calculated to be PHP16,687,790 in total.

According to DA data, the CAR trades over two million kg of various vegetables each day that are primarily produced in Benguet and shipped to various regions of the nation.

According to his explanation, when plants are still seedlings or little and won’t be ready for harvest for several weeks, they are categorized as slightly damaged, but those that are entirely damaged are already ready for harvest and sale.

At least 768 farmers who grow rice, corn, and other high-value crops or vegetables, as well as those who run livestock and poultry farms, were impacted by the flash flood.

In order to learn more about the needs of the population and the services the DA can offer, he stated, “Our team is still in Banaue completing validation and evaluation.

The first distribution of seeds came from DA buffer stocks.

In light of the fact that high-breed and inbred rice seeds are incompatible with the conditions in Banaue due to the town’s high elevation, Odsey claimed that the DA is also searching for alternative ways to help the farmers.

According to Odsey, they cultivate heirloom rice using unique planting tools that are solely accessible to the locals.

The Tinawon kind of rice is grown by Ifugao farmers, particularly those in Banaue.

Tinawon is a term used locally that meaning “annual,” as the rice type is one of those designated as specialty rice growing solely in Ifugao and takes at least 10 months before it can be harvested.

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